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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bike to Work Day wrap up

Another BTW Day come and gone... I chose to forego the Preakness-infield madness of the Freedom Plaza rally to commune at the Crystal City pitstop, which was organized at the last minute by the folks at the BID. Checked out about 25-30 bikes, mostly Walmart bicycle-shaped-objects with slack shift cables and sketchy brakes, and one poor guy who dropped a left crankarm off a pretty Scott cyclo-x bike.

The weather was a bit murky, but 133 people still rolled through this pit stop. There was a fairly serious crash at the tricky exit to the tunnel under the VRE train tracks, a lady got bussed off to the hospital with a concussion. I haven't heard any other reports of mishaps, though.

Besides Crystal City, City Bikes was doing bike checks at NIH and Bethesda, manning the table at Freedom Plaza, and leading the Mt. Pleasant ride. Lots of coffee consumed among us, that's for sure. Great photos to be found at Gwadzilla's blog....

WABA reports 6600 registrants, which is a lot (a record?). We (the shop) have had a few irate emails about t-shirt shortages, which for the record, isn't really our department, but we're passing them along to WABA. Y'all are quite passionate about your free t-shirts, that's coming through loud and clear.

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