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Friday, May 25, 2007

Meet Mike

Not Merchandise Man Mike, but this random guy named Mike. I met him briefly at Bike to Work Day, he lives about two blocks away from me, and has been commuting into the city every day by bike for 30-something years. I was kicking myself for not getting a picture of him, as he was very entertaining, perhaps a tad eccentric (so rare in bike circles...), and certainly memorable.

Anyway, fortune smiled, as this Mike turned up last night at a planning meeting in Mt. Pleasant for doing International Carfree Day in DC (nice folks, they've got some big plans, go to their site to keep up to date or to find out how to help, they could use manpower, cash, printing services, good ideas, etc etc....). I recognized him instantly, asked for a pic with him holding his favorite sign (he has about 4-5, all with a 'bicycling is patriotic' theme), and had a nice chat about traffic on the Mt. Vernon Trail.

No point to all this, I just thought that Mike deserved a mention in the blog, as 30 years in the saddle is pretty remarkable.

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