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Monday, June 9, 2008

Cirque du Cyclisme photos

Full photostream here. I didn't ride out, as I've picked up a nasty cold somewhere, and am really suffering in this weather. A couple of extra-special bikes:This Cinelli city bike was just beautiful. I stumbled upon it around the same time as Brian Baylis and Johnny Coast, who were both impressed with the work done on the integrated stem/handlebar/brake levers/shifter braze-ons.One of my favorite bikes, a JP Weigle. A bit less flashy, despite the braze-on taillight, then others on show, but just really nice.Richard Sachs was there with a frame-in-progress, which was very neat to see in person. Seeing the filemarks around the brazing, uncovered by paint, hammers home the point that these are truly handmade frames. My pics don't really capture it.
Hypnowheel says, "Buy me!"It takes awhile, but if you stare long enough, you can see the jumping dolphins. Just relax your corneas. Other side of the same wheel:Classy, and deep, like Love/Hate knuckle tattoos.

Anyway, this cold has me pretty zapped. So just persuse the photos, I might post a few more here when I shake off the effects of the Hypnowheel, and add some descriptions to the photos.

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