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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cannondale makes bikes, too

Cannondale has been thrashing around like an agitated Jack Russell lately, having only recently been pulled from private-equity purgatory by Canadian bikeglomerate Dorel Industries (same folks who snatched up GT and Schwinn, remember them?). They're now fighting off pervasive rumors of a Performance (yes, that Performance) linkup. Maybe I'll post some thoughts on that corporate intrigue later, but for now, why not toss them a bone and mention this bike?
A while back, I mentioned this bike, but now comes news that, "Cannondale has committed to bringing the ON concept bike into production in the near future." The closing advice to, "Start saving!" is a bit troubling, though. We've done a good business with the Bad Boy over the years, and this bike is a logical progression of the line. The one-sided fork and stays are really aesthetically pleasing, while the folding frame, internal hub, and hidden drivetrain make it a very practical bike for the city dweller. The eternal question remains.... How much?


nickhritz said...

"And the band played on."

David said...

hey darren, when will those folding 'dales be available?

darren said...

nobody knows but the gents in Bedford and Montreal, i think.