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Monday, March 17, 2008

Diesel is $4.20 a gallon in DC

Why? This guy, in part. According to the City Paper story, it belongs to the campaign manager for Ward 7 councilwoman Yvette Alexander. Anyway, I loved the blurb for this particular 'pickup'.
The International® CXT™
It doesn't just command attention; it demands it.

Crowds gather and camera's flash. Children look up in awe at the 9-foot high cab. With your logo plastered across the cab, the International® CXT™ becomes a self-promoting billboard everywhere you park it. Using vehicles to advertise your brand is nothing new, but towering over everything else on the street is. When your message demands to be shouted, it needs to be on a CXT™.

Well, I suppose Councilwoman Alexander's message (squint hard at the magnetic placemat -- "Yvette Alexander -- Making Ward 7 One") needed to be shouted. Last year, her message was that we need better security at gas stations. When your 'self-promoting billboard' weighs 14,500 lbs., that's a primary concern.

So anyway, we are in the process of decommissioning our beastly 1979 Chevy panel van...
...in part because of fuel prices, but mostly because it's an unreliable wreck. We'll be moving most stuff between stores in a used Nissan Quest minivan. I suppose if we had $120K+ to spend on a truck, like a local political advisor, we might be tempted to splurge on such a shouting towering attention-demanding billboard to advertise our brand. Or not.

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