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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Bike to Work #2 -- Cheap and Easy Parking

Gah, they're here.Peak season. And if you had the damn-fool notion to drive to the tidal basin, parking is tougher than ever. Ditto at the new ballpark. And Metro? Say hello to the Nats fans for me. Might there be a third option for getting around the city?
And parking? Years ago, I dropped $55 on this gadget that lets me park my Moots hassle-free, cost-free, for years to come. Or, how about this, let WABA mind your bike.

But for all our sakes, let's all pinky-swear to cede the sidewalks to the blossom zombies. Some knucklehead will still go sprinting through the walking traffic, screaming "I'm a local!!" and waving his/her dog-eared copy of Title 18 Chap 12 Prov 1201.9 of the DC Code of Municipal Regulations (safely ridden right-of-way yielding bikes are allowed on sidewalks). But discretion (and common sense) is the better part of valor, let the tourists meander freely.

1 comment:

David said...

Isn't there something about the Downtown Business District, and bikes being not allowed on the sidewalk? Maybe the Mall and Tidal Basin are not downtown, though.

Either way, it was wicked crowded down there last Saturday, but I was much happier on my bike than I would have been either walking or driving a ca'.

The trees were pretty too.