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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goodbye to old friends

Old friends leaving us this week. First is this EAI Bareknuckle with Miche group.
The victim of some baffling inventory system problem that I still don't understand two years later, this beautiful bike has been off the floor, unable to be sold. So, since we can't sell it, we're donating it to WABA for the Gala April 12th. And yes, we'll turn the bars before delivery. I love that seatpost:I REALLY love that seatpost:Yes, it's drilled for brakes.And for those who won't ride anything not deemed suitable for track racing by small Japanese men, rest easy knowing that the handlebars are NJS stamped. Second goodbye is more of a 'see ya later' to Mike, who's moving on to a big boy job. It's sad to see a friend and skilled colleague move on, but he's left the joint in great shape for his successor, Eric. Good luck, Mike!

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