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Monday, April 28, 2008

City Bikes city bike

Lots of stuff to post about, but I'm heading out of town for two weeks to get hitched, so I'll be writing up a bunch of stuff, but setting it to post in the future, as if by magic, ooooo. Actually, it's a cool new Blogger feature.

Anyway, a week or so ago, we got a genuine Dutch city bike in stock, a Batavus Old Dutch.Pure style (ruined by my cluttered pic), with the upright position, step-through frame, and rear fender skirt.
Via Copenhagen Cycle Chic, here's the very same bike, doing what it does best.
We stocked Koga-Miyata a coupla years back, too, but no longer. We do still stock the floormat.
Bike people routinely get skewered for a lack of style, and quite rightly. A puritanical devotion to practicality and utility generally rules in our little world (there are exceptions). But one needn't throw the very stylish baby out with the impractical bathwater. Look at that chaincase, for instance. That front fender, with chromed center strip, and delicate dynamo, they just look right.This is a bit of a referendum bike. On paper, there are plenty of other bikes that are probably better values for 90% of the folks who walk in the door. But this one is unique, in so many ways. Stop by Adams Morgan to ogle, or perhaps purchase, so we can justify bringing in more.


Zakkaliciousness said...

i'm okay with you refering to my blog and the photos, but please link the photo to the original post on my flickr photostream. there are more photos of old dutchers in the stream somewhere... so have a look.
best regards,

Erik Kugler said...

Okay, it's done. Excellent site!