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Friday, April 4, 2008

That State Farm ad

State Farm's latest ad, see below.

Another dot in the evolving Impressionist painting titled, "Dorky Peasants Bicycle to Work Devoid of Style." Jeez. If there's one thing we as a community do well, and occasionally a little too well, it's indignation. See some commentary here.

State Farm is trying to sell a product, that product depends on people wanting to drive, and it's not surprising that they'll try to create demand for their product by denigrating alternatives. Marketers, politicians, even lowly bike stores choose to 'go negative' on each other all the time.

If the mass market accepts that Impressionist painting, I'm relegated to the gallery gift store. So, State Farm, do what you have to do. But you sell other insurance products. For instance, you've been selling City Bikes a rather lucrative general liability insurance policy for many years. You sold me my renter's insurance. Set your fleet of actuaries to work computing the odds that we'll renew either of these....

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