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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet like molasses maintenance classes

We're in the middle of another run-through of Ben's very well-received basic maintenance series. I hesitated posting anything on these, because if you click through, you'll see we have a new online RSVP service for events. And, uh, you'll also see that all of the current scheduled classes are booked solid.

Don't fret though, we get a LOT of no-shows, so it's worth swinging by a few minutes ahead to see about getting in. Two sessions left to go in this series, and then we'll examine the schedule and see about getting another round going sometime this summer. Subscribe to the newsletter, that's where we'll announce dates first, and nab your spot. And they're free, just bring a smile and a willingness to get your hands a bit grimy.Call me biased, but I think Ben really does a great job explaining the sometimes complex workings of a bicycle in a manner that's understandable, without being patronizing. Especially if you're a frequent cyclist, or ready to be won over to the world of bike commuting by Bike to Work Day, please try to join us. Bicycling is greatly enhanced by a well-running bike, and the confidence and peace-of-mind that comes from being able to diagnose and correct the inevitable little problems that will crop up with frequent riding.

A few observations -- over 50% of participants in the two classes so far were women. That's pretty cool. Stated reasons for attending included a desire to fix specific current problems ("the gears on my bike are skipping"), a need to start regularly commuting ("oy, gas prices!"), personal development ("I like knowing how stuff I use works"), and a mumble or two about bike shops charging a fortune for service (ouch).

Anyway, it's worth repeating -- if you want in on one of the last two sessions (focusing on brakes and wheel truing), please drop by the Adams Morgan store the day of, we'll try to squeeze you in. And subscribe to the newsletter or check our events page for future sessions, we want to get everybody out there riding!

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