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Monday, April 28, 2008

GW Parkway Trail?

Remember Bike DC? I loved it. And after an absence of 3-4 years, it very discretely snuck back onto the WABA calendar, September 27th. Good news, for sure.

My favorite was the year (2001?) when the route took us over the Roosevelt Bridge to the GW Parkway, all closed to traffic, then all the way up the Parkway to the Langley hood, and back down. It was a gorgeous ride.

Which brings us to WABA's latest call to action. With the Parkway under renovation, WABA has been stumping for inclusion of a multi-use trail that extends the Mt. Vernon Trail north beyond Rosslyn, alongside the Parkway. How nice would that be? I'd love to be able to bike with my nephews up to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, for instance. Their email below:

Support the Mt Vernon Trail Extension

For nearly two decades, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association has been working to extend the Mt Vernon Trail from its current northern terminus near Rosslyn Circle further north toward the American Legion Bridge. To date the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) division of the National Park Service has remained opposed to putting the trail through sensitive natural areas. New plans for the rehabilitation of the Parkway offer an opportunity to construct the trail as part of the roadway reconstruction, but the GWMP has failed to include any provisions for cyclists or pedestrians in their draft environmental assessment.

WABA urges you to contact GWMP Superintendent David Vela to urge him to include the Mt Vernon Trail extension as part of any rehabilitation of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

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