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Sunday, April 13, 2008

WABA Gala and Auction

For the annual Gala and Auction, we gave WABA, among other things, a really nice EAI Bareknuckle built up with some fancy bits. Fast forward to last night, 9:27PM or thereabouts. Plenty of people admired it, picked it up, assessed reach and standover, commented on the lack of brakes, checked their hair in the chromed handlebars, negotiated space requirements with spouses. But only one brave soul has put pen to paper and bid on the silent auction, ending in three agonizingly long minutes.

That one maverick was Devin, part-owner of the Brighter Days co-operative dogwalking and pet-sitting service. Check out their values page, and how they get to their client sites exclusively by bike.

Turns out, I bid and won their donated dogwalking services at last year's Gala, and they took perfect care of my rather high-maintenance dog, Crash, last seen drooling and snoring in my checked baggage. I never knew they did all their work by bike, and really wish they routinely served my NoVA neighborhood. But if you're in the District, they probably serve yours.Having established the cosmic synergy and obvious need for Devin to possess this bicycle, salesguy Danny whipped out his widest elbows to fend off any bid snipers that the forces of karma missed. No need. Danny and Devin are pictured below, celebrating a well-deserved win, with what could be a PBR.Enjoy the bike. The downside is that one dogwalker's bargain is one bicycle advocacy association's lower-than-expected revenue. But let's all renew our memberships to put everything in balance, okay?


gwadzilla said...

I always forget that you guys have a blog!

darren said...

It is a pretty forgettable blog. The Oldsmobile of bike blogs.