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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

little help?

We're throwing together a revised "bikes for women" page on the website, and the dude who wrote it is pretty concerned that he's hardly an expert on the subject. Here's the old one.... and here's the new draft. Your comments and suggestions on content would be greatly appreciated.


Sweet Annie Green said...

Much better. I suggest mentioning that the key thing to look for in the female-specific seat is the wider "love channel". Also, your "Smaller hands and feet" heading only discusses hands and shoulders. I'm excited this years' bike models have fewer flowered/pastel paint jobs than other years.

darren said...

thanks a lot for both suggestions, will work both into the final.

it is great to see that the paintjobs are changing. besides being a bit patronizing, there is the occasional male customer who might fit best on a Ruby or Vita, and if they were flowery and pink, all but the most self-confident guy wouldn't even test ride it.

2whls3spds said...

Pink doesn't bother me ;-) at 6'-2" 220# I will ride what I want and if someone doesn't like it..oh well.

Now about women's bikes...Just like men, not all women are the same (imagine that) I have found as a general rule, women love to cycle, if it is convenient and comfortable. My general recommendation is an upright style bike with an internal geared hub (IGH) Redline 530 or a Breezer is a good place to start.

My wife has a very nice GT Slipstream with 21 speeds, purchased new in 2000, it has been ridden a bit, around campgrounds and few times to the video store. Two years ago we "won" a 1971 ladies Raleigh Colt in the very small size. I added a wicker basket and it has become my wife's favorite ride. She has ridden it more in the past couple of years than the GT was ridden in the previous 6.