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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Restart the calls for a velodrome

Remember a few years back, there was a WABA-backed push for a velodrome to be included in a planned recreation area at the confluence of Crystal City, I-395, GW Pkwy, and the Mt. Vernon Trail?

Well, there's no reason to believe that any plans have changed, but the County finally worked out the land-swap deal with a developer that is allowing the Long Bridge park project to plow forward. The nice bit (for local resident me, at least) is the planned connection someday to the Mt. Vernon Trail that will run through the area. No more dodging Gravelly Point zombiedestrians. No more trying to block out the stanky porta-potties. No more near-collisions in the tunnel under the train tracks. No more of any of that, beginning.... Oh.
No schedule yet.

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