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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Darren's Landshark conversion

My first road bike was a lumbar-puncturing Cannondale crit racer that was a size too small. Live and learn. So, my first tolerable road bike was this Landshark I scooped up at a yard sale.As more bikes arrived and departed (mostly arrived), I eventually went trendy, and converted it to a fixed gear.Vertical dropouts make chain tensioning difficult, but not impossible, I used this very useful website. Another very sketchy feature is the Ergopower bell. I like having two brake levers, and when only one functions as the Campy gods intended, you can't just have that extra lever just flopping around. So I rigged it up thusly to contend with my old commute on the Cap Crescent Trail. Other parts are not so practical...Brakes were selected solely for good looks, as was the Ibis stem.The paint is a nice red/black airbrush, I think, but flakes off in a stiff breeze.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

I LOVE the bell on a fixed gear - a practical use of the lever and very considerate (peds can't hear you clicking behind them to know to get out of the way).

I hear LandSharks are good bikes but I don't know much about them.