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Monday, February 18, 2008

Frostbike Day 2 -- A few other interesting bits

The first item I'll mention is a sock. Not so much for it's socky merits, but for the sales pitch. The very friendly saleswoman at the DeFeet booth was showing Eric and I her wares, and I suppose we were showing all the enthusiasm we could muster while hung over and discussing socks. She came to the women's model seen below, and noted that it is obvious to Jane Sockshopper that it's a women's model, because, "See, the rider has boobs." Fair enough.
Next, Cane Creek showed a wooden (either maple or ash) headset, noting that it's lighter than their carbon model.
Is it a carbon fibre garden tool? Is it a bottle opener for a 5-gallon Heineken? It's actually a saddle with an integrated bottle holder, suitable for aero-fetishists, and maybe for my '74 Motobecane with no bottlecage mounts.
Knog showed a new pannier system. The knob in the center twists, the whole pannier mount comes off, and you can then twist on backpack straps. Pretty neat.
The bags themselves looked a notch below Ortlieb in stoutness and water resistance, but as an around-town bag for 99% of commuters, these looked pretty good. Though, those 'Nightmare Before Christmas' graphics are pretty out there.
Wheels Manufacturing showed this chain tool with an emergency derailleur hanger. Several weeks ago, I botched a Shimano chain installation on my Moots, the chain failed 8 miles from my hotel in a strange town, it jammed in the derailleur, and sheared the derailleur hanger off. This would have come in handy. I suggested to them that adding a holder for a Powerlink would make this a great option for the 24-hour racing crowd, and they seemed pretty excited about that prospect.

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