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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello, newsletter readers!

Welcome, and thanks for clicking through!

You may recall that in the last newsletter, we asked for your thoughts on this thing:
Well, 100% of the three of you who responded were pretty excited, and no reticence was expressed about the $299 MSRP. We'll keep our eyes peeled, to see if this thing is ever coming to market, or if it's just another cool bit of bike vaporware.

So anyway, I was curious about a bike I'm personally pretty jazzed about, the Salsa Casseroll. We mentioned it after seeing it at Frostbike, it sure is purty, and not a bad spec for a $1600-1700 bike (though I'm not 100% sure on these prices):
...and that dropout is just a beautiful piece (photograph is off of the singlespeed bike, same frame, sorry for my cruddy photography):
Of course, it's easy to like something when there's no alternative. See, we've already got a similar bike, the Jamis Quest, in stock at $1500.
Spec is at the same strata, with some important differences (compact chainset, no fenders, lighter wheels, carbon fork, and overall more performance orientation for the Jamis). They're really targeted at different users (Jamis -- fast weekend rec riding v. Salsa -- commuting/light touring). But with an already narrow niche ($1500+ performance steel road bikes), it would likely be a one or the other proposition, in terms of having in stock (we probably can special-order the Salsa).

So, steel road fiends, what say you? If you are plunking down $1500 plus for a new steel road bike, what are you looking at? Which bike better fits the bill? And would you pay a premium for one over the other?


nickhritz said...

If I can watch my stories on that Cerevellum while riding you know I'll be buying one. I can't miss my stories.

CityBikesMike said...

It's all about style. Salsa.

For new-school look and love, the Jamis is the one...

Freewheel said...

I like them both. I like the all-chrome version of the Quest better.