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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frostbike Day 1 -- Salsa Completa

Salsa has made some interesting bikes and bits for quite a few years, but has really failed to establish much brand consistency. Scandium TT bikes mixed with steel hardtails. Some models were funky, some models were racy, and none were marketed in any meaningful way.

Then, at Interbike '06, Salsa showed a frame called a Casseroll. Designed around the beautiful dropout I showed at the bottom of this post, it became the #1 unit seller in framesets this past year. We liked it, but weren't keen on taking it on just as a frameset. Now, they're offering it in two complete bike variants. A single speed version, check out the chainguard:

And here's the road bike, with mostly 105 stuff:Note the color matched stems on both:
Finally, the La Cruz, a disk-only steel cross bike with vert dropouts:
We'll definitely be discussing these in some depth in the coming weeks...

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