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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frostbike Eve 1 -- Pugsley Race!

Surly makes a fun bike called the Pugsley, which is designed to lurch it's way through soft terrain, like the Minnesota snow. And every year at Frostbike, they put on the Pugsley races, or as one straight-arrow QBP wag titled it, "The Surly Pugsley Race Powered By Bud Light."

I don't have a very compelling narrative to offer, as I (a) was extremely intoxicated, (b) was very cold, and (c) was extremely intoxicated. Here's Eric grimacing from the cold:
I didn't race, as I left my gloves and extra layers back in the hotel room. I considered lying, and saying this guy was me, but I'd like to think I'm outgrowing such shenanigans:
The rest of us huddled around the bonfire on the frozen pond, and listened to that guy in the foreground mutter insults about the racers into a megaphone.
And finally, here's Eric crying about the cold, but hiding his tears from the camera. There's yet another topless guy. At least half the folks coming to start/finish on the pond wiped out on the ice, adding another layer of absurdity to the toplessness.
One of the topless racers later popped up in our hotel bar, but sadly, I was without camera, and he was dragged off by a very spry waitress.

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