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Monday, February 18, 2008

Frostbike Day 2 -- Ya down wit BMC?

No, not really. Eric was a bit interested in their Fourstroke mountain bike, but every time he went by, and displayed the classic retail mating ritual (squeezing brake levers, compressing suspension, inspecting pivot points), he was met with maddening Swiss neutrality. No greeting, no pitch, nothing.

Anyway, 15 minutes gone, but here's a pic of the Fourstroke 01 (note the hole in the rear of the saddle of the lower bike, Eric guesses it's for crotchular airflow, I say "speed holes").
Here's a really bad pic of me holding a gin-yoo-wine Yoo-nited States quarter up to the comically-large chainstay of their roadbike:
The equally girthy downtube/bottom bracket intersection from the same bike:
Here's the BMC time trial rig, a design which has carried all of it's most prominent riders to doping positives:
I wonder what Tyler, Floyd, and Alexandre saw when they looked at themselves in this mirror finish?

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